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   Many customers grow attached to their vessels but over time want more performance, fuel economy, or just an upgrade. The best way to go is to repower with Marine Maintenance. You will save a lot of money and undoubtedly give your boat new life.

   We handle commercial charter boats and recreational pleasure boats. If you are thinking of a repower we would be happy to make up performance comparisons to help you decide on an engine. Odds are we have repowered a similar boat. After going to your vessel with engineering drawings we would be able to give you a few options on different ways to proceed.

   Please view our track record and pictures. We strive to serve customers with quality work that is truly up to date and can stand up to the grueling conditions found in a salt water environment. Here we strive to make your boating experience as pleasurable and problem free as possible. We take the time to understand our customer's boats. Doing so allows us to find the perfect solution and deliver exactly what you are looking for.

   Our certified technicians have years of experience, we are dedicated to our work, and stand behind it. Our team is more than capable and on the cutting edge of technology. At Marine Maintenance we take your passion for boating and the water seriously. Our employees are dedicated to doing the job right the first time. For quality control and customer service we come second to none. If you are a boat owner who understands quality and the value of a dollar you need Marine Maintenance for the job.

   Click on the links below to view some of our recent repowers or email us at Repowers and we will be glad to help you.

Boat: Topaz 28
Type of repower: Diesel to Diesel
Engine change: VP TAMD40B to VP D3-190
Notes: WIN WIN WIN!!!! Read on please
Boat: Proline 2510
Type of repower: Gas to Diesel
Engine change: 454 to VP D4-260
Notes: It is a very hard decision to make. To go from gas to diesel? This job proves the benefits! The classic confusion of hp vs. torque. Torque wins, and a fuel burn of 2/3rds savings.
Capt. Cook
Boat: Proline 2510
Type of repower: Diesel to Diesel
Engine change: Cummins 4BT to VP D4-210
Notes: After years of reliable service and a few recent breakdowns it was time to repower and upgrade. We installed a larger engine package and the boatyard built a 2nd station. Boat speed increased, noise, smoke, and vibrations were virtually eliminated. Old stiff throttle and shift cables were replaced with fly by wire. All this made for a VERY happy owner.
Custom 38
Boat: Custom 38
Type of repower: Custom Diesel Installation
Engine change: D6-310, DPH Drive, 9 Feet Carbon-fiber Jackshafts
Notes: First sea trials = 50MPH *boat not completed yet
Just Chute Me
Boat: OceanPro 31
Type of repower: Gas to Diesel
Engine change: D496 to VP D6-330
Notes: commercial parasail boat, fuel savings over 50%, custom hydraulic drive. Marine Maintenance also modified the water intake for hydraulic coolers.
Boat: Catamaran 38
Type of repower: Diesel to Diesel
Engine change: Tollycraft to VP D2-40
Notes: twin hydraulic drive catamaran, required custom mounting for pump to engine
Longest Ride
Boat: Premium 31
Type of repower: Diesel to Diesel
Engine change: KAD43 216HP
Notes: Comerical application
Mary Hargett
Boat: Glander Tavana 33
Type of repower: Diesel to Diesel
Engine change: VP MD21 to VP D1-30
Notes: Less horsepower more torque, vessel speed increased to hull speed with smaller engine
My Allibi
Boat: Pursuit 3000
Type of repower: Diesel to Diesel
Engine change: VP KAMD44 to VP D6-310
Notes: Upgrade from 260hp to 310hp
Ruff N Tuff
Boat: Albin 31TE
Type of repower: Diesel to Diesel
Engine change: GM 6.5L 310 to VP D6-370
Notes: WOT = @ 3600 - Cruise = @ 2800
Sportfish 39
Boat: Tiara 39 S/F
Type of repower: Diesel Installation
Engine change: VP D9-575
Notes: Example of our care for every boat
True World 30
Boat: True World 30
Type of repower: Generator Installation
Engine change: NexGen 3.5kw
Notes: New installation complete. Boat had no supporting systems for generator

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